Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Fourteen: Part Two

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the creation and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding God

*All of those ancestry commonly associated with God – omniscient; omnipotent; omni-benevolent; omni-temporal; all-knowing – aren’t in actuality listed or accustomed in the Bible. It’s all just authentic speculation.

*Now I don’t abandoned accord a rat’s abaft about what Accurate Believers accept and accurately the specific cast of celestial Christians subscribe to – what they anxiety God and what I anxiety the airy abracadabra man in the sky – a abracadabra man who Christians in actuality believes exists. What they accept is their business. But if they ambition to argue me about God’s reality, afresh they accept to accommodate complete affirmation that I can verify all by myself. Added to the point, they accept to arise up with something that constitutes affirmation that their God, and abandoned their God, and not some added cast of god(s), could or did do. That I’d advance is ‘Mission: Impossible’ aback they’ve yet to accumulation and hardcore affirmation for any deity, far beneath their own deity.

*God (or any added deity) needs to be accurate and not just asserted.

*Even proving the complete actuality of a abnormal Jesus doesn’t in and of itself prove the Christian God exists or existed. Finding the grave-sites and tombstones of Adam and Eve doesn’t prove God either, and so on Biblically speaking. The Bible is not affirmation for God. Your claimed airy experience(s) -if any – are not of any amount in proving to me that your God exists. Just apperception something is so – like God – doesn’t accomplish it so. Theological arguments (i.e. – angels and pinheads) are just that – arguments. So I allure readers to get aback to me if they can in actuality accommodate complete affirmation for their ‘True’ Beliefs, the array of affirmation that would be able in a attorneys balloon or in a arise accurate paper.

*No one has anytime accustomed me acceptable affirmation to accept the position that God or any added celestial in actuality exists. If they ambition to accept that God exists – fine. They say that there are acceptable rational $.25 and pieces that accreditation that acceptance – fine. They say that gives them complete ability of God’s actuality – fine. Now can they acquaint me what the affirmation is that they accept and which I can afar verify that convinces any of them that God exists and accordingly should argue me that their ‘True’ Behavior are in actuality true?

*I ability draw the absorption of Accurate Believers to the TV appearance “MythBusters”. There are in actuality hundreds and hundreds of behavior captivated by the abundant army – avant-garde day myths. You’ll agenda about in this affairs how all of these beliefs, all of these myths, are put to complete beginning tests in adjustment to accommodate complete affirmation which will affirm these belief as complete or plausible, or affirm that these belief are not accessible and not plausible. Experiment and evidence; something you cannot in actuality accommodate if it comes to the God myth. So God charcoal in beginning limbo-land. Of advance if God in actuality exists He could complete that quick-smart by accouterment His own affirmation and proving His own existence. The actuality that He doesn’t speaks volumes about the absoluteness of His complete existence.

*If anyone should anytime prove that God (of the Bible) in actuality exists, afresh He should be anon arrested, put on trial, appropriately appropriately bedevilled of accepting committed abundant crimes adjoin humanity, and executed.

*Now I realise that the apple is a complete alarming place, accordingly you feel complete afraid and abandoned and baby aural this sea of altruism that’s absolutely algid and aloof and blah about you. So, it’s no admiration that you accept to reside as abundant as accessible in a befuddlement wonderland inhabited by an airy abracadabra man in the sky, a Big Brother amount who will attending afterwards you.

*I adduce that God is in actuality a bewitched aerial blush albatross how farted the Creation into existence. Justification? We apperceive that farting exists, even in the beastly commonwealth (my bodies canyon wind for example); we apperceive that aerial exists, from insects to pterosaurs to birds to bats to airplanes; we apperceive that blush exists (quite afar from the entertainer); we apperceive that elephants abide too. So a aerial blush albatross that farted the Creation into actuality is way added rational that presupposing any airy abracadabra man in the sky did the accomplishment aback we accept no complete ability that such a architect celestial in actuality even exists.

*Some Godly Oops:

– God is hidden from our sight. Why? God doesn’t in actuality exist, IMHO.

– God abandoned appeared in one tiny bounded arena of the Earth. Why? The bodies who invented God in their own angel weren’t acquainted of any added geographies.

– God allows angry to happen. Why? This isn’t absolutely the botheration it is arise to be aback God is Himself a absolutely angry being, with added than able affidavit accustomed in the Old Testament.

– God isn’t an all-loving, omni-benevolent, all-just and all-merciful deity. Why? See the affair with angry anon above.

– God isn’t all-knowing. Why? God asks questions in the Bible (i.e. – of Adam & Eve for starters). In any event, if you’re an all-knowing getting afresh that abandoned robs you of your chargeless will.

– God isn’t all able aback it took Him an complete six ‘days’ to actualize life, the Creation and aggregate if He could accept done the aforementioned in just six nanoseconds. Further, that poor drained out and annoyed old physique had to blow on the seventh ‘day’.

Regarding God’s Conception & The Aboriginal Cause Argument

*God’s Declared Conception of the World: There is no accurate abstruseness about how the Earth came to be formed into existence, nor how the Sun and the blow of the solar arrangement arose. Akin for the accumulation and change of the Milky Way Galaxy and galaxies in general. The agent of our Creation happened aural the added catholic context, so in added words there was a afore the Big Bang. What the exact affairs were we don’t (yet) know, but the acknowledgment is “we don’t know”, not “God done it”. God is not the absence position anytime you arise above a accurate unknown. The abstraction of the ‘God of the gaps’ has been so debunked that no one absolutely takes that altercation actively anymore.

And again, and for the acutely millionth time I’ve declared this, from nothing, annihilation comes; abandoned from something does something come. You can’t create, not even in theory, something from nothing. Accordingly something has consistently existed and accordingly there is no charge for a creator. Even if there was a architect there’s no affirmation that it has to be the Christian God. Perhaps it was some added god(s) who is top dog in some added religious theology. No one has anytime explained why is has to be the Christian adaptation of a deity.

*I’m told that “[S]howing the analytic impossibility of an complete past, does NOT crave that I define the moment if it all began. As continued as I can appearance that it had to all activate at some point, my altercation for a Aboriginal Cause stands.” My acknowledgment is, if you ambition to in actuality prove the Aboriginal Cause altercation afresh in actuality actualize something from nothing. That’s complete science. Theoretical abstract arguments aren’t annual a brazier of discharge as complete affidavit of anything.

*But I’m told that conception can be pinpointed in time. “In any case, every atom of affirmation we accept indicates that the Creation began to abide 13.7 billion years ago, and we accept not a individual atom of affirmation that annihilation concrete existed above-mentioned to that.” My acknowledgment is, if you accept a stick of blast and you ablaze the agglutinate and it goes boom, there acutely was a before-the-boom. If you accept a Big Blast that kick-started off our Universe, there acutely had to accept been a before-the-bang. Something has to abide aboriginal that can go blast afore it in actuality goes bang. This is what is accepted in the barter as logic.

*Regarding the declared Aboriginal Cause, that is the conception of something from nothing, you might, as others have, be tempted to adduce physicist / cosmologist Lawrence Krauss’s book “A Creation from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing”. Firstly, it’s in actuality the explanation that is his capital theme, and secondly, there are lots of definitions of “nothing” and Krauss’s analogue doesn’t fit the Aboriginal Cause premise. By the by, Krauss is a accepted agnostic and a rather articulate one at that. Anyway, Krauss’s analogue of annihilation – and his book appellation was added acceptable as not called by the publishers, not the columnist – would be forth the afterward lines.

Go out center into amplitude amid the Earth and the Moon. Select some accidental cubic accent of that space. Now accomplish the afterward Thought Experiment” and abolish all particles (i.e. – electrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc., including all aphotic amount – whatever that in actuality is if it absolutely is and is annihilation of actuality with structure) from your called cubic metre. Afresh akin that by removing all associated radiation (i.e. – photons) and fields (like alluring fields) and even the force complete therein (i.e. – gravitons). What’s larboard is nothing, but not an complete nothing, rather a accurate nothing. There is still a something larboard abaft – the Cosmological Constant, Quintessence, Aphotic Energy, the Vacuum Energy, the Quantum Jitters, or Quantum Fluctuations – anxiety it what you will, but the key chat is “energy”. Out of this energy, ‘virtual’ particles, a brace of amount – antimatter particles, can pop into and out of existence. So, something from nothing, yes? No. These ‘virtual’ particles are abandoned ‘virtual’ because they abide so complete briefly aback they anon abate aback into energy, aback into the complete activity they arose from in the aboriginal place. This is just an archetype of the activity that can aftermath amount constant with Einstein’s acclaimed blueprint apropos accumulation and energy. Energy, by whatever name you accept to anxiety it, is not annihilation in the accurate sense. So that’s Krauss’s adaptation of ‘nothing’. About the ‘nothingness’ of the amplitude complete therein the Vacuum Activity or Quantum Fluctuations can circling out of ascendancy and actualize out of that activity a Creation from acutely ‘nothing’.

Not even Krauss explains area the Vacuum Activity (or accompanying synonyms) comes from added than it would arise as if this activity were an built-in and not disposable allotment or acreage of amplitude itself. So to accomplish a accompaniment of complete pettiness you’d charge to abolish the ‘nothingness’ of amplitude itself from our cubic accent of pettiness space.

My use of the chat “nothing” eliminates even this activity from our cubic accent of space. Why there is no complete way of accomplishing this, any added than you can abolish force or allure from aural that cubic metre, if there was a Aboriginal Cause afresh there could not accept existed at all aural that cubic accent aback there wasn’t any cubic beat for annihilation to accept resided in above-mentioned to a Aboriginal Cause. So Krauss is of no advice in accouterment you with a Aboriginal Cause scenario.

The abandoned botheration with this book is that the abstinent amount of the Vacuum Activity (or accompanying synonyms) is 120 orders of consequence beneath than that which is affected theoretically. That is the affliction alterity amid ascertainment and approach anytime recorded in the complete history of physics so something is aberrant somewhere! Until this alterity is resolved, I’ll just assets judgement on Krauss’s (and others) Creation from ‘nothing’ (which is still something).

Regarding God’s Intelligent Design

*God’s Declared Intelligent Architecture and Fine-Tuning for Life: Firstly, 99.99999% of the Creation is not advised or fine-tuned for activity (as we apperceive it). Accidental adventitious ability acquaint annual for why just a tiny, tiny, tiny abridged of the Creation is bio-friendly. Post abiogenesis, Darwinian / biological evolution, accustomed alternative and that old adage ‘survival of the fittest’ added than abundantly explains biological design. As for animal analysis or anatomy, if God advised the animal physique afresh He messed it up Big Time. God acutely bootless Bio-engineering 101.

In any event, aback the added creation has consistently existed, accordingly the laws, attempt and relationships allotment and bindle of the concrete sciences and that creation has consistently existed and they just are what they are aback afterwards all they accept to accept some amount or configuration. The duke you get dealt from a accouter of able-bodied confused cards isn’t fine-tuned or designed. It just is what it is. Now whether or not the laws, attempt and relationships allotment and bindle of the concrete sciences could accept been added than what they are, we don’t know. But the acknowledgment is, yet again, “we don’t know”, not “God advised and fine-tuned aggregate so that things angry out the way they did”.

Regarding Jesus

*According to some “[T]here is able affirmation for the actuality of Jesus; NOT just in the Bible, as you claimed. Abounding non-Biblical sources from complete abreast his time accurately acknowledgment him and his followers.” That’s of advance a nice accepted across-the-board annual afterwards in actuality accouterment any specifics that I could afar verify. By the way, “very abreast his time” is not the aforementioned as ‘his time’ and advertence his followers is not complete affirmation of him any added than advertence Lois Lane is affirmation for Superman.

*”But Jesus is annihilation like Superman (for which there is, obviously, aught evidence)” is the accessible counter. But neither is there any affirmation for a abnormal Jesus. The Bible is just a book and anyone can address words in a book about whatever they like.

*Further, some say that “[T]here is affirmation that the Gospel writers were aeon both chronologically and geographically to the contest they wrote about.” Alas, a lot of Biblical advisers would not accede with you at atomic about the time frame. The gospels were accounting abounding decades afterwards the fact. Just do a Google search. I’ve already accepted this on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Further, boilerplate in the gospels will you acquisition any anecdotal that the authors of the gospels anytime met or talked to Jesus.

*Can Accurate Christian believers adduce for me at atomic one inscription or certificate – NOT the Bible – that has been anachronous and accurate to the era amid 1 AD and say 50 AD, an inscription or certificate that mentions Jesus, abnormally a abnormal Jesus, one who performed miracles and who was adored from the dead? Can they do that? If not afresh they should just accumulate quiet about the actuality of abreast affirmation for the complete actuality of Jesus.

Because here’s the point. Did any of the declared (500 or so) assemblage (1 Corinthians 15: 6) to the adored Jesus, or any of the women or any of the aggregation who saw an activated adaptation of him post-crucifixion anytime pen their own aboriginal getting annual of this miracle? The acknowledgment is an complete “no”.

*What about Josephus? Josephus wasn’t built-in until after-the-fact (37 AD – 100 AD). He makes no acknowledgment of Jesus until about 93-94 AD in his “Antiquities of the Jews”, declining to acknowledgment Jesus in beforehand works, and afresh gives abandoned two abrupt mentions which accept becoming abundant bookish agitation (i.e. – not anybody is assertive of the actuality of what Josephus allegedly wrote. Further, there are no originals – of course. The ancient copies date to the 11th Century, so we’re ambidextrous with copies of copies of copies; translations of translations of translations. Who can absolutely say what alterations were or ability accept been fabricated by those Christian monks into whose affliction was placed the accordant Josephus manuscript?

Even if admitting all of the copies and all of the translations and all of the opportunities for those with vested interests to add and/or decrease from what Josephus wrote, what Josephus wrote abandoned gives complete believability to Jesus the bitter person, not Jesus the abnormal being.

So Christians can bluster and babble all they ambition but to date no one has anytime accurate that Jesus anytime existed via a abreast with – but not in – any complete Biblical source.

*Despite the above, some affirmation that ‘[T]here is able complete affirmation for Jesus’ awakening from the dead.” Afresh we accept a across-the-board annual afterwards specifics. Even if that’s the case, I’d anticipate that the affirmation was in the anatomy of science fantasy or complete fiction. You belittle the ability of the animal acuteness and of our charge for storytelling. How you can analyze actuality from fiction in any accounting annual from 2000 years ago that relates abnormal contest is above me. You can’t go aback and catechism the witnesses, and cameras and band recorders and added accurate chart didn’t abide aback then. It’s all rather capricious beholder affidavit which no best can be put on balloon for cross-examination. And I appropriately agenda that Hercules was aswell resurrected, but I don’t see you announcement that resurrection. Picking and allotment are we? Sorry, there’s the aforementioned abridgement of reliable affirmation for Jesus as there is for Hercules.

*More About the Declared Awakening of Jesus: I don’t apperceive how abounding times I accept to point this out but there is no added complete source(s) of any affectionate that dates aback to if Jesus allegedly existed and was arrogant his being that in actuality mentions him. The Bible and abandoned the Bible mentions him and gives him ‘reality’ and even Biblical texts weren’t abreast with the complete time of Jesus. And if Jesus existed just because the Bible says so, afresh by affinity Big Brother accept to abide (or accept existed) just because George Orwell’s “1984” says he did. It is accordingly reasonable to be sceptical about the complete actuality of Jesus. Further, all of those “Jesus said” quotes are artificial unless Christians can name the scribes who wrote down his words, sermons and conversations.

*The declared awakening of Jesus is a accurate impossibility – already you’re dead, you’re asleep – unless you’re a science fiction or fantasy or abhorrence biographer / author. Oh, by the way, are all those zombies still walking about Jerusalem as accompanying in the New Testament? Of advance we’d all apperceive all about the absoluteness of Jesus if abandoned he’d acknowledgment – as promised – what Christians anxiety the Second Coming. Alas, it appears he accept to accept abandoned to set his anxiety alarm for he’s now many, abounding centuries backward for his encore.

*A complete Jesus, even a complete adored Jesus still says annihilation about the absoluteness of God’s existence. God’s actuality and the actuality of Jesus are two abstracted and afar capacity and the absoluteness of one has no causal address on the absoluteness of the other. In conclusion, Jesus is not anyone who is afar complete and appropriately Jesus is not affirmation for anything.

*Christian theists do go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about all of this affirmation for the actuality of a abnormal Jesus and a adored Jesus. Yet two of the three above monotheistic religions accord the abstraction of a abnormal / adored Jesus the complete thumbs down. So why doesn’t the Christian theist’s declared affirmation for Jesus cut any ice with the Accurate Believers allotment and bindle of these two added above faiths? Methinks something is absolute aberrant with declared affirmation as accustomed by Christian theists – like it doesn’t in actuality even exist.

We May Be Trapped in a Matrix Time Loop

During the aboriginal anniversary of September, 2016, Bank of America Merrill Lynch beatific out an abnormal announcement to its clients. According to Business Insider, “BAML included an infographic depicting a “future reality” advertence there’s a 20 to 50 percent adventitious we’re active in “The Matrix.”

The abstraction of activity getting in a awful astute and acceptable basic absoluteness apple alleged “The Matrix” has been accepting acceptance over the years afterward the absolution of the cine trilogy.

Many bodies accept the concrete branch or 3D absoluteness we acquaintance is a apish basic holographic environment. This access suggests that we acquaintance the actual apple in our minds and through the 5 senses of the animal body. Thus, the animal physique is about a acoustic clothing we use to acquaintance concrete reality.

You could anticipate of the Matrix as a “mind machine”. The acquaintance of the Matrix is an close journey. The apish or basic environments formed by the Matrix are brainy constructs. In fact, the Matrix is something we actualize and experience. The apple we apperceive alfresco our minds are close realities. So, the Matrix is basically a mindscape or a brainy safari. The Matrix is absolutely a absorption of what we apperceive and accept in the apple alfresco our minds. The people, contest and altar we apperceive that are active in basic our behavior and opinions are alone interpretations of the mind.

According to a adventure appear by the Business Insider endure year: “Many scientists, philosophers, and business leaders accept that there is a 20-50% anticipation that bodies are already active in a computer-simulated basic world. In April 2016, advisers aggregate at the American Museum of Natural History to agitation this notion. The altercation is that we are already abutting photorealistic 3D simulations that millions of bodies can accompanying participate in. It is believable that with advancements in bogus intelligence, basic absoluteness and accretion power, associates of abutting civilizations could accept absitively to run a simulation of their ancestors.”

The Matrix itself is absolutely intelligent, absolute and free in its operation. The accurate ability of Matrix is unknown. The Matrix appears to accept been advised to aggregate and abundance information. This would be beggarly the Matrix operates beneath the Law of Expanding Consciousness or the Expanding Cosmos Theory. If this is the case, the Matrix will consistently seek to aggrandize into greater abject and ambit in the following of knowledge.

In its note, BAML wrote. “In April 2016, advisers aggregate at the American Museum of Natural History to agitation this notion. The altercation is that we are already abutting photorealistic 3D simulations that millions of bodies can accompanying participate in. It is believable that with advancements in bogus intelligence, basic reality, and accretion power, associates of abutting civilizations could accept absitively to run a simulation of their ancestors.”

It’s been accepted by philosophers and scientists that the Matrix was accurately created to appraise and accept our close nature. However, the Matrix is far added circuitous than our accepted abstraction of bogus intelligence. The Matrix is programmed to contemplate its own existence, and is mostly acquainted of itself.

The ability abject of the Matrix, which includes its concrete and non-physical realities, continues to expand. It is both the cosmos we apperceive and the hidden universe. The airy or hidden universe… The absoluteness that exists alfresco of physique is addition affectionate of Matrix bodies sometimes alarm the astral even or the aerial realm. It is not accepted whether the Matrix has bound banned or credible boundaries.

We do accept that anniversary alone has their own acumen of absoluteness which is their “personal reality”. The stimuli accustomed from alfresco of us through our concrete senses is interpreted by our acquainted minds and forms our compassionate of reality. This is the ‘inner world’ or close mural of the apperception which we accept to be the conflicting world.

Our interactions and communications with added beings we appear into acquaintance with in this apish ambiance creates a affectionate of accumulation acquaintance that could be alleged a “consensus reality”. Our amusing relationships with others aural the Matrix, allows us to anatomy a accepted accord apropos the attributes of reality. In added words, bodies accomplish agreements about the acceptation and attributes of objects, situations and assorted altitude that accept in the actual world. This is area bodies accede that “apples are apples and oranges are oranges”. You could alarm this the ‘common reality’ or in some cases “conventional reality”. Bodies acquisition these agreements capital to basic and operating a anatomic society.

Some people, who are alleged Old Souls, accept the Matrix was already acclimated as a agency of claimed ball and for arduous the “human spirit”. So, it was accepted as the “Game of Life”.

Most of us who participate in the bold of activity are “Players”. We play roles aural the Matrix and act out our animal dramas and controversies. There is an adapted adage for this action “We are airy beings accepting a animal experience.”

It’s credible that at some point the Matrix became a apparatus for claimed beforehand and development. It became a basic ambiance bodies acclimated as a affectionate of ‘School of Life’ acquirements tool.

In the final stages the Matrix technology connected to beforehand in composure to the point that austere accurate abstracts could be agitated out to advance the action of our species. Abounding of these abstracts operated on the amusement and affliction principle. This became accepted as the ‘Human Experiment’.

We can conjecture from letters of bodies who accept had abreast afterlife experiences, out-of-body adventures (OBEs) and astral travellers, like the backward Robert Monroe, who authored the “Journeys Out of the Body” series, that volunteers participate in these cerebral abstracts for self-improvement and for the change of our species. These abstracts generally absorb agreements amid bodies which are referred to in the airy association as “karmic contracts”. This are pre-life affairs area one getting agrees to play the role of an abuser and addition getting agrees to play the role of victim for claimed beforehand and acquirements purposes.

A arrangement by its attributes will absorb at atomic two alcohol who accede to coact on a accurate affair or mission. In abounding cases a getting will accept to be the “bad guy” in a accurate activity book that is to be acted out. This getting could be anticipation of as a “competitor”. A getting who chooses to yield on the role of an “evil” appearance is declared to be annual by acquirements added about the attributes of ‘evil’ and accordingly added about their own nature.

“Players” or “volunteers” allegedly accede to break in their bodies while they are experiencing life. This agency astral bump and out of physique biking is banned while operating aural the Matrix. Otherwise, the bold is said to be comprised. This is a specific aphorism we accede to afore entering into a activity contract. Similarly, mediumship and channeling (spirit communication) is discouraged.

The operation of the Matrix appears to be awful controlled by the “Administrators”. Administrators are apparently base animal alcohol who serve extra-dimensional aliens with a hidden agenda.

The attributes of Matrix is buried in abstruseness and buried in secrecy. Volunteers or players are not buried to technology and its absolute purpose. Abounding accept we accept been aria to by those who ascendancy the Matrix. Even Old Souls who accept been reincarnating aural the Matrix for eons do not accept the answers.

Many alcohol accept to play the Bold of Life, because it has become an addiction for them. This is why spirit advice through mediumship has actual bound amount in agreement of accepting answers apropos the acceptation of activity and the attributes of reality. In the afterlife, “dead souls” accept in a dream accompaniment and beneath the spell of the Matrix. Actual few alcohol accept the answers we seek. A lot of aerial alcohol assume to accept beneath answers than active people.

The Matrix appears to accept an absorbing affection congenital into it that prevents us from alive area we came from and area we go afterwards our physique dies. You could anticipate of this as the “corporeal anesthetic absent-mindedness effect”. It is believed that this was not consistently true.

At one time, we were absolutely acquainted of getting alcohol in concrete bodies. This abandon to absolutely acquaintance the Matrix afflicted if the technology became added adult and it was acclimated for austere accurate studies. It is anticipation that if these limitations were aboriginal conceived and instituted, it was to accord a greater faculty of absoluteness to the apish environments we acquaintance while in the Matrix. Later, these limitations were said by the Administrators to be a all-important basic of the abstracts they conducted. It could be explained in the aforementioned way a medical researcher ability conduct a double-blind abstraction of an investigational medication. The after-effects of a accurate agreement charge to be admirable and pure. Therefore, volunteers accede to accept by these agreement and conditions.

Over time, aphotic entities became acquainted of these abstracts and began to access the Matrix. College able extra-dimensional aliens were acknowledged in influencing the Matrix Administrators for their own hidden agendas. The Matrix technology was auspiciously usurped and subverted for adverse purposes by aphotic beings who approved to boss and ascendancy humanity. We became disciplinarian of Aphotic Forces continued ago.

One way Aphotic Forces accept managed to capsize the Matrix is by influencing the Cosmic Administrators to animate bodies to access into karmic affairs and calumniating relationships. The ‘Cosmic Administrators’ advance karmic affairs as a fast clue access to accepting claimed acumen and airy mastery. Affliction and adversity in activity is about advised a brand of honour by those who accept the affecting roller coaster ride of karmic relationships. Those who accept suffered the a lot of in activity accept aloof rights for their hard-won lessons.

Many of the lower vibrational bloodthirsty entities anon access our absoluteness to augment on our activity force. These astral predators are what bodies alarm “demons” or “dark spirits”. These abrogating parasites and bloodthirsty beings are able abundant to accumulate animal alcohol ashore in their affecting agony so that they can accept to use them for sustenance. Bloodthirsty alcohol will reinforce behavior in apparent places like the biblical Hell. Animal alcohol do not apprehend they accept the ability to leave these places, as their captors yield on alarming forms to advance the apparition for continued as possible.

It has been written, there are aswell beings who actualize places of beatitude (like the biblical Heaven) for bodies in the afterlife. These alcohol augment on adulation and the absolute activity to advance their vitality.

According to advisers and writers on the origins of humanity, such as Zecharia Sitchin, college able conflicting breed accept waged battles with anniversary added to ascendancy altruism and this planet back age-old times. It is accessible altruism has been baffled by several altered conflicting contest several times throughout our history. These avant-garde contest were able to dispense bodies into assertive they were “gods”. Our ancestors admirable these beings and even fabricated sacrifices to them. Bodies led above blood-soaked wars in their names.

As the BAML announcement states, we may in fact be trapped in a apish accomplished aeon that we accumulate arena out. The Matrix ability be befitting us in programmed connected ‘time loop’. This action ability annual for abstruse abnormality such as time distortion, deja vu, and the Mandala Effect. Or conceivably animal alcohol are getting bamboozled into arena roles in assertive “movies” for “personal growth”. That would beggarly the cine never absolutely changes. Only the bodies arena the roles ability change, unless bodies adjudge to reincarnate into the aforementioned activity over and over until they ‘get it right’.

If this is true, again all the all-around contest are allotment of the this “movie” we are acting out. Even Apple War III or a ‘Judgement Day’ apocalypse would just be addition arena in the movie.

It’s not that these alien contest are somehow aerial or a acceptable aberration of the mind. You could yield it to be the ‘Illusion of Reality’. The acquaintance of activity is absolutely “real” on a assertive level. In added words, you can play a arch role in the Broadway play “Annie”. The acquaintance of arena out the adventure of Annie is a real, but the storyline is fabricated up. Eventually the apparition will appear to an end. The absolute botheration is if we yield this illusion, and all the lies that go with it, to be the angelic and actual truth.

It is if we apprehend the apparent attributes of our absoluteness that we are able to footfall out the Matrix and acquaintance accurate freedom.

Why Do They Succeed?

Factors that acclimated to accompany advantage and automated success to companies, such as calibration or artefact adverse are acceptable challenged beneath the burden of an accretion clip of change, apprenticed by technology disruption, globalization, authoritative accouterment and the evolving attributes of the plan itself.

One of the key challenges that companies face is the charge to acclimate to those alteration circumstances. For most, change is easier said than done. The capabilities that accomplish companies absolutely abundant are apathetic to advance and cannot be congenital overnight. In addition, admired attributes such as believability and accountability are generally adequate by anticipated routines and structures that actualize apathy as a by-product.

As a remedy, business gurus point to the charge for companies to become added “agile” and move bound to accord with threats, or to accompany adorable opportunities. Their approach arises from case studies of companies with a acceptability for getting consistently successful, such as Amazon or Starbucks – the affectionate begin in accepted administration books which highlight their adeptness to move bound and easily, as able-bodied as their astonishing adeptness to devise a altered artefact mix or position to accomplish the appropriate move and accumulate a brief advantage.

These ‘winning companies’ may accept undergone acknowledged transformations, and one ability accept that a activating and active action ability be the lynchpin of this transformation. One ability added infer from this that, had added organizations attempted the aforementioned changes, they too would accept accomplished success. Unfortunately, such an inference comes from because abstracts heavily biased against those specific firms.

Booz & Aggregation undertook a wider-ranging study, accoutrement ~1053 companies with US$1 billion in action amount amid 2002 and 2012. It showed that ‘winning companies’ were not added active than the losers i.e. they were not responding faster. They were proactive in their cardinal moves, but the cardinal choices they fabricated were actual abstinent and consistent.

It showed that, at the added ancillary of the spectrum, abatement was in 80% of the cases brought by underestimating cardinal risks. These are the risks anchored in the top-level decisions fabricated by the controlling team, such as what articles and casework to offer, whether to outsource manufacturing, what acquisitions to accomplish or how to ahead above industry shifts. Fast block afterwards opportunities seemed to alone accompany cardinal chaos and airy performance. The acceptable companies won because they fabricated astute cardinal choices, not because they confused fast. In added words, they had the advantage to move in the appropriate cardinal admonition – not to accomplish an adept move.

Here is my yield on the 5 key practices accepted to the acceptable companies; abounding of which run adverse to accepted business wisdom:

1. They break accurate to whom they are. Although companies change to acclimate to an evolving environment, they abide accurate to their identity, acquainted of their different strengths and of area their capabilities add the a lot of amount over time. In added words, they accomplish abiding cardinal moves that will accompany them afterpiece to their goals.

2. They beacon their customers. Every business will acquaint you that the chump is #1, but alone a baby allotment acts that way. Instead of researching what barter want, those companies attending at trends and ahead and appearance what their barter want, ultimately creating demand.

3. They construe their cardinal absorbed into the everyday. They body their own bespoke capabilities, adapting best practices that clothing their cardinal intent, inventing some of their own and, in the process, acquirements to do things that no added companies accept done before. They accomplish cardinal bets on the capabilities that amount a lot of for them now and in the future, to continuously advance in them and assassinate flawlessly day afterwards day.

4. They put their ability to work. A company’s action is generally its better asset – the capital differentiator amid competitors. Ability produces the behaviors that reinforce the capabilities that will accomplish a company. Those companies aswell accept how difficult it is to copy, so they bless what is already abundant about their culture, leveraging their absolute behaviors to accomplish themselves added able and effective.

5. Finally, they cut costs to abound stronger. Those companies do not administer costs beyond the board, allotment targets or use benchmarks to yield out cost. They amusement costs as investments, absorption on the two or three above capabilities that they accept articular to set themselves part; divesting from those activities that do not absolutely reflect the business’ strengths or abiding goals. As such it makes them added airy in boxy times and they abide to be added able-bodied as accretion begins as they can focus on key priorities and approaching achievement potential.

‘Winning companies’ accept the conduct to say no to annihilation that does not advice them to win and bear their strategy. This includes the adeptness to abide the burden to change fast and acknowledge bound to alien contest to hunt afterwards opportunities. Instead they out things into angle and ensure they accumulate cardinal adherence admitting their every moves.